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Do you need to upgrade IT hardware and software when it’s still working?

Posted on June 30, 2021 by Categories: Uncategorized

If you’re reviewing the systems, processes and budgets which enable your business to function, it’s tempting to leave alone anything which is still working perfectly. For example, if your telephone systems are doing their job perfectly, you probably won’t invest in a new system right now. But what about if you found that there were tangible business benefits to upgrading? That you could improve efficiency, save money and be kinder to the planet? You’re probably far more likely to be interested in upgrades and possible return on investment.

As IT experts, we know there are a wide range of benefits for those who choose to upgrade their hardware and software before it stops working, rather than after. Here are just some of those reasons:

Heightened cyber security

Ageing software will leave your business at greater risk from cyber security threats. For example, businesses who are still using Windows XP are vulnerable to having their data stolen or compromised. Newer software or upgrades to existing programmes will patch up any holes being exploited by hackers and help keep your data safe. A data leak or cyber-attack can be disastrous for businesses of any size, so don’t let it happen to you.

Moving with the times

Has your business stayed exactly the same size since you last invested in IT? The answer is likely to be, probably not! You might have more or fewer staff, new back-office functions and even new products to manage, so it’s worth checking if your IT systems are optimised for that. In addition, the way your customers or clients like to find out information and buy from you is changing as more and more people get comfortable with living their lives online. Are your systems set up for that? And, even if the Covid-19 pandemic didn’t change your business one iota, there’s the simple fact that IT is changing and advancing all the time. If you never look at what’s new out there, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Improved efficiency

Upgrading your software can deliver extra efficiency to your business which will save you time and/or money. Imagine if a salesperson could access a production schedule which is linked to their sales software so that they can tell the customer exactly when they can expect delivery of the product or service? Or clever integrated marketing and sales software which ensures every single lead is nurtured and your customers feel valued at every stage of their journey? There are so many possibilities with modern software which can save your business time and money or boost lead generation and sales. That’s got to be a compelling reason to upgrade, right?!

The same is true for old hardware. If a computer or laptop’s memory is full it probably runs slowly and that means the person working on it will be slowed down too. Or, if it keeps crashing, your staff might be unable to work at all while it gets back up and running. Old printers which won’t connect or get jammed will have a similar effect. Upgrading hardware is another great way to boost efficiency in your business.


Older hardware, just like older road vehicles, tends to be a bigger drain on energy than more modern versions. If your company is looking for ways to improve its green credentials and reduce energy consumption, upgrading to the latest computers, laptops and Macs out there should be on your list. Of course, that will leave old hardware needing to be disposed of and, in keeping with those green credentials, it’s important to make sure it gets sent to the right place.

A proper hardware recycling company can extract and reuse any valuable materials used in its manufacture and prevent it from going into landfill. Or you could find a charity which takes in old computers and refurbishes them for those who can’t afford to buy their own tech.

In closing – there is a cost to doing nothing

So, to wrap up in one succinct sentence: when it comes to IT upgrade, there is a cost to doing nothing. You might feel like you’re saving money now, but you can be sure that one way or another, leaving things as they are now will cost you money in the future. And if that’s in the form of total systems failure or a big data breach, it could be very expensive indeed.

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