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The benefits of using an outsourced IT company over an internal team

Posted on April 1, 2021 by Categories: Uncategorized

Have you found yourself in need of dedicated IT support for your business? Or perhaps you have an internal IT function, but found it’s worked less effectively during the past 12 months. Either way, you might be weighing up the pros and cons of an internal versus an outsourced IT team. Before you put an advert on LinkedIn for an IT manager or start trying to master the lingo yourself, why not research how a managed service provider (MSP) and the benefits they bring to your business.

A fresh perspective on your challenges

If you’ve had an in-house IT function until now, by outsourcing you could get a totally fresh perspective on the IT challenges you face. That’s not to say your existing IT experts aren’t fantastic at what they do, but an outsider will see things in a different way and immediately see a great solution to a long-term problem. And it’s not all about your problems – an outsourced IT team might well spot some fantastic opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce your costs. Now that’s an excellent benefit for a business of any size.

A finger on the pulse of new ideas

The IT landscape is changing all the time, with new hardware, software and security threat to get a handle on. With an MSP, you will be supported by people who live and breathe all things IT. You can be sure that they have their finger on the pulse of anything new and can flag up and manage those which could positively or negatively impact your business. With cyber-attacks on all sizes of businesses increasing year-on year (and especially in 2021 with the pivot to remote working), that’s some valuable peace of mind. It frees you up to dedicate all your focus to delivering the best service or product to your customers, safe in the knowledge your MSP has a handle on all things IT.

Flexibility and scalability

What happens when you have an in-house IT team and, thanks to external factors (the past year is an excellent example of this…) you suddenly need twice as much of their time? Or a big project is completed, and they’re left waiting around for the next one to begin? Any expansion or reduction in IT requirements will have an immediate impact on HR requirements. You may find yourself with an IT team with too much time and not enough work, or you have more work than they can handle. Outsourced IT companies will offer flexible packages to allow you to match the level of support to your business needs as they change. 

Access to a range of expertise

An IT outsourcing company will be staffed with people who each have their own area of expertise, which is invaluable if you find yourself with IT challenges (or even opportunities) that a small in-house team might not be able to accommodate. If your growth strategy requires an IT solution that’s totally new for your business, the chances are your MSP will have someone with the skills needed to make it happen.  You’ll also benefit from the IT company’s investment in upskilling and developing their staff.

24/7 support, 365 days a year

An in-house IT specialist or team is on hand most days if something goes wrong, but what happens when they are on holiday? A spot of bad luck might just see a business-limiting IT issue arising just as they head off for 3 weeks break, leaving you scrabbling for a solution. An outsourced IT company will have staff ‘on call’ to answer your questions and fix issues every hour of every day. Our servers are all based in the cloud, so they’re not at risk from natural disasters.  You’ll never worry about renewing licences, updating software, backing up, needing a second server if the first fails, a second internet line if your broadband is cut, power backups if there is an electricity outage… Your systems will be monitored and supported at all times, and that peace of mind is worth a lot.

Driving down costs

And last, but by no means least, one of the most attractive benefits of outsourcing IT for business leaders and owners is the cost savings it can represent. You can engage a managed service provider staffed by a range of specialists with the most up-to-date IT knowledge possible for less than it would cost you to staff your own IT department. They may also be able to source your equipment at lower cost, because they are placing larger orders to include other clients too.

If you would like to learn more about our services and how our IT services work, make sure you drop us a line. We can help you decide which is the best option for your business both now and in the future and take you through our range of solutions tailored to help businesses like yours succeed.