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What happens if you don’t use an outsourced IT support company for your business?

Posted on June 1, 2021 by Categories: Uncategorized

There’s a common misconception that only big companies need dedicated IT support. That means many small and medium-sized enterprises are tempted to wing it and hope for the best, but that can leave them exposed to a range of different problems. Some of these are minor; just hiccups which will upset the work of a day or two and nothing more. Others can be further-reaching and leave your business unable to function or at the mercy of cyber criminals. Here are 5 ways your business can suffer if you don’t have expertise on call:

1. You’ll miss out on tools to drive efficiencies and ROI

IT in 2021 goes a lot further than siloed email systems and databases, instead offering businesses amazing tools to track customer interactions at every stage of the pipeline, regardless of the channel they contact you on. If you don’t have an IT firm to help flag up new tools and implement them, you will miss out on the chance to implement technology which drives incredible efficiency and return on investment.

2. You risk offering poor customer service

What level of customer service would you be able to offer if your IT systems failed completely? No emails, database, product data and staff back to just using the telephone (unless that too is driven by IT!)? What about if a tech failure meant you lose all the data you hold and you haven’t backed up for a month or so? Again, you’re left wondering what account updates and customer status information you’re missing! Using an IT firm means you will have regular, automated data backups and a dedicated team working to restore services if there is an issue.

3. You also risk downtime caused by IT failure

Do you delegate IT management to a person who has other roles and responsibilities? If that’s the case what will happen if they need to liaise with software or hardware companies in the event something goes wrong? Their day-to-day job gets dropped and they tear their hair out. That person will also take holidays and weekends when they can’t be called on, so who picks up the baton if you have an IT emergency then? An IT firm will offer 24/7 cover so even if there’s a problem over a Bank Holiday or the Christmas shutdown, your business won’t have to grind to a halt.

4. You could compromise data security

Every single business, regardless of the sector they operate in, needs to protect their data. Whether it is the contact and billing details of customers, behavioral data for people at any stage of a pipeline or data pertaining to the company itself, it’s essential that staff can access and use data when they need to. It’s also important to keep that data safe and away from cyber criminals seeking to steal personal details or hold companies to ransom, preventing them from operating until they pay up. An IT firm will use the latest software and their expertise to keep your confidential employee, customer, and company data secure and safeguard your business against cyber threats. If there is a data breach, the IT firm will have a tried and tested recovery plan in place to retrieve lost files and maintain the security of your business.

5. You might not hear about new IT systems and innovation

We’re in an era when IT is evolving so rapidly that it can be hard to keep up with the latest innovations. An IT firm spends all day, every day immersed in technology and how it can be applied to keep businesses operating at their maximum efficiency. Using their expertise means you’ll be quick to learn about new technologies which can transform or future-proof your business. If you carry on using the tech you have for the past ten years, you’ll never know what you’re missing out on!

Outsourcing to an expert IT firm will help maximise your company’s efficiency and keep your clients happy. It can also save your business money in the long run, remove the stress of downtime, and give you access to the cutting-edge technology your business needs to grow and increase profit. Drop our team a line to learn more about our IT solutions and how we can help you.