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Why switch to the cloud when you have on-premises servers?

Posted on October 4, 2021 by Categories: Uncategorized

Not long ago, only huge firms had the staff resources and money needed to invest in large IT programs, leaving medium and small enterprises to rely on expensive, old or slower infrastructure and storage options. However, the advent of cloud computing has redressed the balance. Every business, from a sole trader to a multi-site corporation, can utilise cloud computing to store data and collaborate. But why, if you currently have on-premises servers, should you consider cloud technology instead?

We always recommend switching to cloud-based servers, and here are the 5 key benefits we share with our clients when we advise them to:

  1.  Cloud computing is cost-effective

Cloud servers can be a cost-effective way to store data for your business because you benefit from the economies of scale. Operating and maintenance costs are wrapped up in a monthly subscription fee and will be shared with other businesses. You can also tweak your package depending on your requirements, meaning you aren’t paying for an expensive on-premises server that is being underutilised.

  1. Cloud servers are much quicker to deploy

Planning and implementing even moderately sized physical IT infrastructure can take months, which isn’t helpful if you’re in need of it now. You can sign up for cloud storage in a day (or even in moments if you’re just scaling up from an existing requirement), leaving your IT team free to focus on projects to boost efficiency or drive revenue.

  1. They offer excellent scalability

In a similar vein, cloud computing offers unrivalled scalability for businesses, perfect if you need to add additional storage resources to meet demand and then reduce again if your operation changes. That might mean you’re not stuck paying for services you don’t need, nor do you have to wait for

  1. And greater efficiency and collaboration

In an age where many people work from home and remote teams are commonplace, cloud computing can have great benefits for businesses. Cloud-based servers enable employees working from anywhere in the world to collaborate and enjoy instant syncing of databases. That means working on documents together or sharing updates is easier than ever, increasing collaboration and efficiency.

  1.  Cloud computing also improves security and reliability

Despite fears that cloud-based storage would be vulnerable to cyber-attacks, the opposite is proving to be true now that the technology has matured. Data centres have staff employed 2/7 to monitor servers and act in case of any attack. In contrast, on-premises servers are vulnerable to cyber criminals who may access systems via a malware or hacking attack, and your staff may not have the skills to react in a timely fashion.

From a reliability perspective, if there is an issue with a data centre which stores your cloud server, the servers can simply be migrated to another data centre. The majority of on-premises storage systems use two servers and if one fails, so if there were a flood, fire or network failure, your data might be lost.

If reading this has persuaded you it’s time to take action, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We can answer any questions you have and walk you through the options available for cloud-based solutions.